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Ron McKean of Courtship Crapshoot

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A Series of 8 CD's to help you get back into the adult dating scene.

Adult dating couple walking into the sunset

Navigating Modern Courtship Isn't Easy

Why spend your money?

Imagine that just one idea from this 8 cd series changed your life and that it made you believe that it was all possible...


Ladies, imagine with me for just a moment, how it would feel to hold your lovers face close to yours,
to look into his eyes  and speak softly to him. To speak of your love, your committment, to speak of your heart stopping passion... and even more amazing, his gaze and his own words speak those same words. Imagine that you had cracked through his mask, his male macho, and that he was willing to allow you entrance into his heart and soul, and perhaps for the first time in his life he felt safely vulnerable.. in your arms. Imagine the wide eyed wonderment of your loved ones as they listen, and imagine the soft smile that lights your eyes when you speak to them of this miracle.
And of course, imagine now that the all consuming,  gut wrenching search in the shadowy eyes of strangers... is over. Imagine that.

And just imagine..that now, together, you're embarking on that eloquent moment when your eyes first met and your hands first touched ... the moment in time that will most surely stetch itself ..into forever.

Award winning speaker Ron Mckean takes a look at navigating the modern courtship routine for the person reentering the dating scene after years of marriage, to help you make sense of the changes, trials and struggles of this courtship crapshoot.

Adult dating and courtship can be frustrating. You can waste so much time, energy, and money dating!

Courtship CrapshootRon McKean has taught hundreds of seminars and workshops on the modern courtship process. In this 8 CD set you'll learn:

  • How to meet new people anytime, anywhere
  • How to stop choosing wrong partners.
  • What men are really thinking
  • What makes a man attractive to a woman
  • The most serious question a man has about a woman
  • What makes a man approach a woman
  • How to have emotional intimacy rather than "the ritual of courtship"
  • How to deal with the worst fear we have — rejection
  • When you've found the right person
  • ...and much more modern courtship information!!!

Discover in this insightful and humorous series, how people do actually gamble with their happiness. Get a lift and lots of laughs as you hear how people hope instead of plan, and fantasize about courtship instead of studing the modern coursthip process. They search for the ideal mate instead of becoming the ideal mate. Let "Surviving The Courtship Crapshoot" bring you the modern courtship information you need to navigate the courtship process happily and successfully.


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